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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Be back next week... :)

Hi guys!

Have you ever had a time where all your projects, events, and work that could (and should) be spread over an entire month are all slam-packed into one week?  Yeah.  Experiencing that right now.  All of my projects are colliding from last weekend into this weekend...  And it only seems harder to manage with a 7 month old.  (Any empathy, moms?  Please??)  lol! 

Last weekend I catered a wedding, Healing Cuisine style!  Some of you have been with me this week working through meal planning and detox consultations.  And I have been working hard preparing some new items for the Gluten Free Expo coming to Charlotte where I will be a featured vendor.  Toss in a few other less exciting behind the scenes projects...and that is how you make your head spin.  :)

Staying positive and looking forward to Monday when everything will settle down a little bit.  I will be back to blogging next week.  I have one more post to prepare to finish off "Natural Cleaning Week" (which we should now call Natural Cleaning Month at the rate I'm going)!  And a couple of new recipes to share that are perfect for spring!

Everyone have a wonderful weekend!  Oh, I can't help but share a recent picture of my little man.  He keeps me motivated to push through all the craziness!  :)


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