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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Product Review: Coconut Secret + Guest Recipe

Within the Maximized Living eating style, we strive to eat as cleanly as possible.  We make substitutions where needed, by cutting out food ingredients that will make us sick or make us fat, and replace with the most whole food alternative that will allow our bodies to thrive (e.g. stevia for sugar, coconut/almond flour for all purpose flour, fruits/veggies for food dyes, spiralized zucchini for pasta...).

Another area of substitution is soy.  The problem with soy-anything really is that most all of it throughout the world has been so tampered with by Man that it is very hard to find non-GMO soy and soy products.  On top of that, too much soy in our diet (and where isn't it in packaged foods these days?) can cause an overload of estrogen in the body for both men and women.  The body reads soy as a form of estrogen, and too much can throw your endocrine system into a downward spiral.

Whether you are part of Healing Cuisine because you are in the Maximized Living family, a raw foodie, gluten free eater, or simply interested in eating healthier, you should set a goal to limit, and optimally eliminate, soy consumption.  I have found a product from the company Coconut Secret to help us with the burden of soy.  Their product Raw Coconut Aminos is my new favorite and most trusted alternative to soy sauce!