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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Update #2: We've Got Teeth!

Can you see his pearly whites?
Well, a little extra praising to God is in order, as we made it through the first round of teeth.  Thank you to everyone who wrote in with natural teething relief ideas.  I reallllly really needed to hear your stories of similar situations and the empathy helped me make it through last week.  I liked the creativity in your methods, and definitely learned a few new tricks!

Austin popped out both middle bottom teeth last week after a couple days of misery for all three of us.  I then spent the remainder of last week catching up on backed up laundry, dishes, and other housekeeping.  Finally getting life back into the little routine I had going for us.  Ready to get back to our regular afternoon walks starting tomorrow!  We used to go every afternoon, walking in to Dave's clinic for our adjustments then back home in time to make dinner.  I missed the quiet time in the fresh air.  It's like my anchor every day.  It's some 'me' time even having A with me.  So looking forward to tomorrow's outing!

Out for a walk last month.
If it's a really sunny day, you'll see Austin sporting his shades on our walks.
Oh, and did I mention I started a little garden on our apartment deck?  I'll have to show you what we're up to over here -- my first attempt at anything besides herbs (and usually my herbs die.. I'm not much of a green thumb).  We're using 5 gallon buckets to grow a few different veggies.  So far so good!  More to come on that adventure!  Learning as I go, but so excited to grow our own produce!

Well, a short update is better than nothing.  I wanted to share more, and hope to fill you in on my plan for spring cleaning tomorrow or so (30 Days of Green Spring Cleaning)!  Now, I must crawl into bed.  If I don't sleep while baby sleeps, who knows if I'll ever get any sleep again!



Gosh he is growing, what a happy baby.

Regarding teething stuff I have heard a lot of mammas have good results with Cell Salts, which are in the homeopathic teething stuff but some kids benefit from a higher dose.

Basically cell salts are a homeopathic remedy but they act more nutritionally to help the nutrients become more bioavailable to the body. Interesting little things and I have had good luck with them for other issues.

This site has good ones, better quality then the Hylands. They do contain a teensy amount of lactose.


I think if teething is an issue calc phos is the main one recommended, 5 phos is also really useful. (mag phos is for pain, ferrum phos for inflamed gums, kali phos if the pain is radiating to the ear, nat phos if the saliva is burning the skin) Also could try their version of the teething tabs.

Anyway, good luck :)

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