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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How To: Natural Relaxing Bath Salts

A warm bath has a way of relaxing out the stress from your muscles.  Pair it with the heavenly scent of lavender which provides a natural soothing effect, some mood lighting, quiet music, and you've given yourself a great gift -- 20 minutes of relaxation!  Here is my recipe for Lavender Bath Salts.

Lavender Bath Salts
Makes 1 Bath

6-8 oz glass jar with lid
4 Tbsp Epsom salt
3 Tbsp sea salt (I prefer Himalayan)
2 Tbsp baking soda
15 drops pure lavender essential oil
Small handful of dried lavender flowers, for color

Add all ingredients to glass jar.  Cover and shake gently to distribute oil.  Add to warm bath water and stir around to dissolve.

You may be tempted to add in more drops of oil for a stronger scent, but don't.  It will cause clumping.  Feel free to add more essential oil to the bath water or to an air diffuser in the room for a stronger aromatherapy effect if desired.

The three types of salts and soda are important.  Epsom salt helps to draw out toxins from the body.  You can simply do an Epsom salt bath when you feel sluggish or while doing a detox regimen.  I highly recommend the use of Himalayan sea salt in your bath, as refined sea salts have all of the minerals removed.  We want to replenish the natural minerals into your skin and body, not draw more out.  Himalayan sea salt is unrefined and contains all of the natural minerals already found in our body.  Adding the baking soda to the mix is optional.  It not only makes your bath fun with a little fizz, but it helps to neutralize the pH of your skin while toxins are released.

You can substitute any essential oil you'd like.  Ylang Ylang for stress release, Vanilla for relaxation, Eucalyptus for an invigorating immune boost, or Peppermint for an energy burst.

Finish your homemade spa experience by slathering on a high quality food-grade organic lotion (I love MiEssence Intensive Body Cream) or olive oil to lock in moisture.

And keep in mind, these jars of homemade bath salts make great gifts!  Experiment with other colors besides lavender/purple.  Himalayan salt is naturally pink, so that's an easy one.  Add dried herbs of choice or sea kelp for a light green color.  Or purchase natural food dyes and add just a few drops to the jar and shake lightly to mix.


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