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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Healing Cuisine's Holiday e-Book Giveaway!!


The holidays are here, can you believe it??  Christmas is less than one month away and it's time to start our holiday food planning!  What family will be coming in to town?  What parties will I be attending?   Am I to host any get-togethers?  Christmas dinner -- what will we eat?  Is anyone on the Advanced Plan?  Anyone with food allergies?  What foods can I made in advance and freeze for later?  There's a lot to do!  The time to start planning is now, and I am here to help.

I have put together an e-book solely dedicated to the holidays, called Season's Eatings.  Not only is it a recipe book, but a complete menu planner taking you from appetizers to dinner to desserts.  (View recipe list here.)  All 62 recipes follow the Maximized Living Nutrition Plans, making it effortless to dine on the Advanced Plan.

After talking with a family about what they enjoyed for their Thanksgiving feast, I was shocked to hear Mom and Dad's response.  They were feeling so overwhelmed with finding Advanced Plan recipes that would feed the family and still taste good, so they gave up and fixed their usual spread of conventional holiday recipes.  Here's the clincher: the last thing you want to do is re-introduce sugar over such a stressful time of year.  This is just asking for immune system weakness, allowing sickness and disease to form in the body.  Keep yourself and your family healthy thru the holidays with a clean spread of holiday meals (Sugar-Free, Grain-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free, Corn-Free, Gluten-Free).  This is exactly why I created Season's Eatings holiday e-book, to help Maximized Living families have easy and satisfying holidays!!

You can purchase Season's Eatings right away via this link, but I also wanted to introduce an amazing chance to win a copy!  That's right, it's a Holiday e-Book Giveaway from Healing Cuisine by Elise!


It's simple.  There are three ways to enter.  Do so by performing or answering at least one of the following in THIS POST'S comment section.  Up your odds by performing all three!  There is no limit to your entries.  The contest will end on Tuesday night, December 7th at 11:59pm CST.  Everyone who entered will be put into a random drawing (using random.org) and one lucky winner will be announced here in a new blog post on Wednesday morning, December 8th.  Already purchased your copy?  Win another and give to a friend or family member!  Spread the love and knowledge!!  (Contest open to anyone world wide.  Winner will receive their copy of Season's Eatings e-book via email.) 


1.)  Tweet or Facebook a link to this blog post, then come back to let me know by commenting at the bottom of this post.

2.)  Write about this giveaway on your blog (with a link back to this post), then come back and let me know by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post.

3.)  What is your favorite holiday tune?  (Mine is O Holy Night...!)

Get your entries in all this week!  Excited to see your responses!  GOOD LUCK!


Jenn Bozard

I posted the link on Facebook! LOVE YOUR SITE!

Jenn Bozard

My favorite holiday tune is Carol of the Bells.

Eric Heyde

This was successfully posted to your profile.
I really like your site.
Any Christmas song except felize navidad or that whamm one

Living by Faith Christian Center

Hey Elise...new to your website and enjoying it! Wonderful recipes that are so easy to make and extremely flavorful, and not to mention soooo good for a body! Thank you for bringing us into the know about "How to" feed a body so it will LIVE better and enjoy life!

Karen Fawcette

I posted the link on Facebook and am looking forward to more of your terrific recipes -- definitely need ideas to get through the holidays without falling back on old habits. Through Maximized Living I have been able to eat better and lost 52 pounds so far, would love to have your book to help me continue! Thanks Elise!


I just posted your link on my Facebook page! You rock Elise! My husband and I spoke with you and your husband at Dr. Drew's last summer. We are really into Kombucha and love your mojito recipe!


Oh Holy Night is also my favorite song. Eric, I'm with you...whamm and Christmas tunes do not mix well! :-)

Jessica (Tall Girl)

Hello Elise, cool contest!

1) I put a link to the contest on my Facebook Page.

2) Here´s the link to my blog: http://tallworldafterall.blogspot.com/2010/12/another-christmas-contest.html

3) My favourite Christmas carol is The Huron Carol (Canadian... maybe even specifically Ontarian...).


Hi Elise, I just learned about your excellent website, and I LOVE IT!!!! It's so well done and it's a joy to read. I could spend hours just browsing. Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful opportunity to make eating healthy so much easier and fun too! I have posted your link to my facebook page.


I am tentatively adapting our family diet to a Maximized Living way of eating. Thanks for all the great recipes. I posted a link from my facebook page.

Sara Adams

I posted on Facebook.

Sara Adams

My favorite holiday tune right now is Angels We Have Heard on High sung by the Indigo Girls. It's even better with my four year old singing along. :)

Ruth Shepard Trode

My favorite holiday song is anything sung by Celine Dion or Josh Grobin. Yes, I'm quite a geek.


Hi Elise. I love so many Christmastime songs, but the one that comes to mind today is O Holy Night. Just love the crescendo rising to "Fall on your knees."

Thanks VERY MUCH again for all you do.

Mary Beth K

Hi Elise! I posted a link on Facebook. I love your site!
My favorite Christmas song is O Holy Night also! Merry Christmas from the your friend at the MTFund!


O Come O Come Emmanuel... my current favorite Christmas song!


Hi Elise,
I posted your site on Facebook and really am so thrilled that there are recipes that taste good and are good for you too!!


Hello Elise! What a great idea for a contest!

I've shared the link on FB.

here's the link to my blog http://sandalstrap.blogspot.com/2010/12/i-love-healing-cuisine-by-elise.html

I love Angels we have heard on High and for my favourite commercial Christmas song, it would have to be Silver Bells.

I haven't forgotten about sending you the pics of the "chocolate covered kiddies" Your chocolate pudding has taken over our home by storm!

Lots of love,


Thanks for the great recipes. I use many of them often.


Healing Cuisine by Elise

Jennifer -- Congrats!! You've won! :) Send me your email address so I can email you your prize.

Eric -- Thank you for entering. I don't know what whamm is, but my husband says I should just nod and agree. ? :)

Living by Faith Christian Center -- Thank YOU!! Happy to help and spread the word that our bodies are amazing healing vessels of God!

Healing Cuisine by Elise

Karen -- 52 pounds lost, WoW!! Congrats! Keep up the great work! So glad you have found Maximized Living. It changed my life, too!

Karla -- Definitely remember you! Hi! Kombucha Mojito = my love as well! :)

Jessica -- Thanks for the shares! I've never heard of The Huron Carol. I'll have to seek it out and take a listen!

Julie -- Thank you for your kind works. So happy you've found me and are enjoying my recipes!

Amanda -- That is great that you are switching your family's lifestyle over to Maximized Living. Keep it up!! Your family will thank you!

Sara -- Cute! I love to hear little ones singing along to Christmas carols. :)

Ruth -- I'm right there with you.. I have Josh's Christmas album playing right now. Celine is on my iTunes as well. Other favorites are Celtic Woman and Enya...not to mention the sound track from Polar Express! You might enjoy those, too. :)

Mary Beth -- Hi!!! How is the gold ol' MTF?! Miss you guys!

Healing Cuisine by Elise

moeigen -- Thanks! Love that song, too!

Sherry -- Thank you for the share!!

Sandra -- Thank you for the share! And yes, please please send those pics along. Can't wait to post them! :)

Connie -- Thank YOU for following! Appreciate your support!


Elise, I just posted on my Facebook page, my husband and I Love your recipes and so excited that they go along with my maxlife fitness program. Thanks so much for sharing

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