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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Join Us! "My Blog is Carbon Neutral"

I came across this fabulous organization who is helping our Earth and us!  Now I'm one that would probably have paid a company to plant a tree for me to offset the carbon emissions that my blog puts out each year, but when I read the Arbor Day Foundation is doing this for us for free, I couldn't pass up the opportunity!  Join us -- submit your blog or website, too!

Here is the link for more information on how to get on their list and take part.  They also give you a free "carbon neutral" button for your blog/website.  I love it!  The trees were planted in April for 2010 by the Arbor Day Foundation, so we just missed the cut off..  But it's never too late to join the bandwagon for next year!  This organization planted trees in the Plumas National Forest which is located in Northern California as well as in Germany.  The Arbor Day Foundation is helping to reforest after two devastating forest fires in 2007 that destroyed over 85,000 acres.


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