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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

How To: Natural Fruit and Veggie Wash

With farmer's market season in full swing, I wanted to share my recipe for produce wash.  While you are out buying fresh produce from the organic farmers, keep in mind you still don't know where that food came from, what was used to grow it, or what could be on it.  Some farmers feel they have to use a tremendous amount of chemicals when growing their crops, and they could still consider themselves "natural" or "organic" just because they are a local farmer.  Not only are most of these dangerous chemicals and pesticides sprayed on the crops, but also on the dirt to fight off bugs that live underground and feed off of the roots.  These chemicals are then absorbed by the crops and are later consumed by us.  So when visiting your farmers markets, ALWAYS ASK the staff at the booth if they are an organic farm (preferably Certified Organic).  Last summer we were shocked to find the majority of vendors used chemicals on their farms..  That is why this summer we will be primarily getting our produce from a Certified Organic CSA.

Read more about the toxins in America's produce here, here, here and here.

This is a great produce wash to rinse away any bacteria or airborne toxins/pollens that have settled on the veggies/fruits.  Remember this will not take away any chemicals or pesticides that have already absorbed inside the produce, but it will aid in cleaning up whatever is on the surface.

Natural Fruit and Veggie Wash

2 c filtered water
2 Tbsp lemon juice
1/4 c baking soda
10 drops citrus fruit/seed extract (optional)

Pour the water, lemon juice, baking soda and citrus seed extract into a spray bottle.  It's normal for the lemon juice and baking soda to foam a bit.  To use, spray on vegetables and let sit for 5 minutes.  Scrub the veggies/fruit and rinse under cold filtered water.  (not recommended for use on soft-flesh berries)  Will last in spray bottle about 2 weeks when refrigerated.  You can also fill a ceramic/glass bowl with this mixture and let your produce sit in it for about 5 minutes and then proceed with scrub and rinse.



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