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Friday, January 20, 2012

Gymboss Timer Giveaway WINNER!

Whooooops, I totally lost track of time this evening!  My apologies for a late announcement of the Gymboss Interval Timer Giveaway.  (If you missed Monday's post, read more about how a Gymboss can make your life so much easier!)  I was caught up in watching the live broadcast of Elevation Church's "Code Orange Revival" series online. Today was day 10 (of 12), and today's speaker was a true powerhouse of God's Word.  I encourage you and your family and friends and neighbors and anyone you know who needs to hear His message to hop on to their website tonight to watch and listen.  Rebroadcast will happen at 10:12pm tonight, 2:12am tonight, 12:12pm tomorrow.  And there are still two days left to participate!  Get plugged in to Elevation no matter where you live -- you can strengthen your relationship with God in a creative and unique way.

 On to our TWO WINNERS of the Gymboss Interval Timers.  *Bum bum bummm* (imagine a drum roll here.)  And the winners are Jenny V. and Loretta E.!  Congrats ladies!!  Please email me with your mailing address: elise@healingcuisinebyelise.com

Thank you to everyone who entered!  Look forward to February's health-inducing giveaway coming up just in time for Valentine's Day.... :)



I miss being able to go to Elevation to worship in person -- however, I'm beyond thankful for all of their webcasts!

Feeling blessed to be a winner! :)

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