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Sunday, March 13, 2011

I am Pregnant!!!!

Hi all!

I had intended to make this announcement, as referenced here, sooner than later.  But the weather this weekend has been too gorgeous to waste!  We've been out enjoying the sun and it's felt great!  I had also wanted to write a bit more on this today...but that will have to come at a later date as we're about to head out the door here in a few minutes!

SO!  Some new doors have been opened for Dave and myself.  As you can see from the title of this post, I AM PREGNANT!!!  :)  We are absolutely so so excited by God's gift!  I am just entering the 2nd trimester now, finally getting over the sickness slump and my regular appetite is re-emerging.  We're due in early September, and I just cannot wait!  This mommy-to-be is getting excited!

Baby Schwartz is changing our life plans in a few different ways.  More details on all this later as plans are made, but we'll be leaving Orlando sooner than planned and relocating to somewhere on the east coast.  It's also been making me contemplate to what level I want to be involved in our clinic once we get open.  Part of me wants to be a full time mom, part of me still wants to be plugged in to our clinic doing consultations and workshops.  Lots of thinking and praying to do!  Also, you know what this means moms???  I will now have a Maximized Living child to test recipes on!!!  Of course once baby is bigger, but this means you have a lot of more baby- and kid-friendly recipes to look forward to, as well as product reviews specific to momma and child.  With baby comes all of these great opportunities, and we couldn't be more happy!

I think my next post on pregnancy will be about my journey getting healthy and preparing my body for pregnancy.  Honestly, in a nut shell, I was infertile for many years and this is something I have been working on healing naturally for the past 2 years.  It was my mission to be healthy enough to conceive by 2013.  Well, God surprised us early!  And I'll outline the steps I took to get here.  I want to let others out there know it is possible without the use of drugs or surgery if you can just give your body the chance to heal on its own using its innate power.  There is hope!

Look forward to more prego posts to come!  But I'll be sensitive to the male followers out there and will continue to post my usual recipes and articles, too.  ;)  Thank you for all of your love and support!



I am so excited for you!! CONGRATS!!! There is a wonderful product called the Kalorik Baby Food Processor and it is FANTASTIC for making your own baby food. When baby Schwartz is old enough to start to eat foods, I highly recommend it. Keep us posted!


CONGRATULATIONS Elise!!!!!!!!!!!! I could not be happier for you & Dave. And congratulations to you on doing the successful work of making a healthy body, receptive to developing new life. God richly bless all 3 of you!


What a testimony, congrats!! I'm so excited for you both!



Congrats Elise, what an exciting adventure you are on! I am a Maximized Living newbie from Canada, and one of my main motivations is to prepare my body for pregnancy in a year or two :) My best friend and her husband - who I have been telling about ML but are so discouraged and skeptical from being so many doctors - are having so many problems conceiving (along with other health issues), so I am very anxious to hear about anything you did. You are so inspirational!

Healing Cuisine by Elise

Thank you everyone!! :) I really appreciate your love and support! ZanneV, you are right on! Preparation for pregnancy starts now! And keep up the great work on encouraging your friend. Never back down if it's (ML) is something you truly believe in. There will come a day when she finally says "OK, I'm in." We just have to remember she's on her own timeline and only God knows when she'll be ready. I'll be praying she and her husband dive in sooner than later!

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