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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Video: Making Chocolate Pudding with Dr. Scott!

This is one of many to come video recipes!  I joined my friend Dr. Scott Stallaert to create Advanced Plan raw chocolate pudding in honor of his 30 Day Max Fit Challenge at his Maximized Living chiropractic center.  Hope you enjoy!

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Looks awesome- My question to you is regarding the coconut milk. I have bought coconut milk before but have never read that there is "full fat" coconut milk. Is there a particular brand to look for or can I look at the fat content on the can and determine if it is from reading the label?

Healing Cuisine by Elise

Great question Kimsden! I prefer the "Thai" brand of coconut milk and I've grabbed a can from my cupboard. Sometimes cans of full-fat coconut milk are indeed labeled as "full-fat", but you're correct, they often aren't. The type you do not want to buy (because it is processed to take out the healthy fat) is "Lite" coconut milk, meaning 60% or so less fat.

On my can of Thai, in a 1/3 cup serving is 10 grams of healthy saturated fat. Compare to a can of lite coconut milk: 4 grams. So this could be a good basis to go from when shopping.

Thank you! Keep the great questions coming! You are helping others out there :)

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