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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Black Bean & Chicken Wraps

2  lbs skinless, boneless, hormone-free/organic chicken
2  Tbsp coconut oil
1  organic green bell pepper
1  organic red bell pepper
1  white onion
2  cloves garlic
1  tsp sea salt
1  tsp cumin
1  tsp chili powder
1  pkg organic whole wheat tortillas (these will be hard to find at a regular grocery store, so save yourself the trouble and just go to your local co-op or Whole Foods store.  Still no luck? Substitute with a lettuce wrap!  Yum!)
1  15oz can black beans

1.)  On a medium setting, heat coconut oil and a little water in a large skillet, add chicken breast.  Sprinkle with half of sea salt and garlic and cook until white throughout.

2.)  Remove chicken and let cool.  Using knife and fork, pull apart the chicken breast until shredded.  Slice bell peppers and onion into strips.

3.)  In same skillet, add enough water to cover the bottom.  Add sliced bell peppers and onion, remaining garlic and sea salt.  Cook for 10-15 minutes.  Add chicken.  Add cumin and chili powders.  Cook until veggies are tender.

4.)  Wrap fajita mixture inside wheat tortilla once veggies are soft.  Serve with cooked black beans.

Serves 4.



For awesome tortillas... you can make your own at home too! :)

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