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Friday, September 3, 2010

Grass Fed Beef on SALE Today ONLY! Whole Foods

Wanted to share this SALE with as many people as I can today!  Whole Foods has all their grass fed ground beef on sale for today ONLY, September 3rd, $3.99/lb, regularly $5.99/lb.  Take advantage and get to your local WF and stock up!

A great little section from the WF blog post:

Here’s what I think are the most important aspects of grass-fed beef:
  • Grass-fed beef ranching is not only good for the animals, but involves managing natural resources and supporting local producers.
  • Grass-fed beef is a leaner choice and has a more favorable ratio of omega fatty acids.
  • Grass-fed beef is priced fairly for the producer and is worth every penny.
  • Grass-fed beef is a delicious alternative to grain-fed beef and cooks a little differently.


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